Wildfires – Get Prepared

To better prepare for a wildfire event, make sure that you know the risks specific to your community, geography, and region, and that you and the members of your household are prepared so that you'll know exactly what to do if a wildfire is possible in your area.

Before a wildfire

Educate the members of your household

Make sure that your family and the members of your household are prepared, should a wildfire occur:

Protect your home

If you live in a potential wildfire hazard zone, take these preventative steps to ensure that your home and your property are protected:

Other considerations

During a wildfire

When a wildfire is approaching your home

If you see a fire approaching your home or community, report it immediately by dialling 9-1-1 or your local emergency number. If it is safe enough to do so, you should take some or all of the following actions:

After a wildfire

Stay calm

Returning to your home

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