Extreme Heat – Get Prepared

Although anyone can experience heat stress, the associated health risks are greatest for those over the age of 65, infants and young children, people with chronic conditions such as breathing or heart problems, and for those who work or exercise in the heat. Fortunately, heat-related illnesses are preventable.

How to prepare before an extreme heat event

Find out how to keep cool and stay safe when temperatures rise.

Know the health risks of extreme heat

Prepare your home

During an extreme heat event

It is important to slow down, drink water, and stay cool during an extreme heat event because your body can’t function as well in high temperatures. Whether you are indoors or outdoors during extreme heat, you can protect yourself from the health effects of extreme heat.

After an extreme heat event

Remember that indoor temperatures can remain warm, even after outdoor temperatures cool down. Continue monitoring the temperature of your home and watching for signs and symptoms of heat-related illness in yourself and others. If you experienced a heat-related illness during the heat event, consult with your health care provider to prepare for future heat events.

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