Visit the government of Canada's coordinated Wildfire page for information on the emergency response, support and health measures for current wildfire events across Canada.


In Canada, wildfires (also called forest fires) happen year-round. The most active period is from May through September, but hold-over fires can smolder throughout the winter. Wildfires can cause extensive damage and put lives in danger. Smoke from wildfires can be a significant health hazard.

Why prepare for wildfires

Learn how this hazard might affect you and your household.


What to do

Before a wildfire

Protect your home, educate your household and prepare yourself.

During a wildfire

Stay calm. Know what to do.

After a wildfire

Assess the situation. Remember that dangerous situations may exist.

Where to start

You can protect members of your household and your property by learning more about wildfires and by taking proper precautions. Make sure that you:


Stay informed

Access wildfire information shared by province and territories.

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

Find detailed information about wildfire conditions across Canada.

FireSmart® Canada

Learn how to increase wildfire resilience and minimize impacts.

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