Category "0" Tornado Hits Ottawa

By Karen

Around 3:30 pm my husband and I had finished the shopping and were driving northwest towards home. We noted how dark the sky was, and how the wind was picking up. By the time we got parked, the wind was strong enough to blow me (125 lbs) across the parking lot - I didn't make it inside. The wind pressed me up against the building while it took down 40 year-old trees, tore off roofs, shingles, flashing and nails and threw them around. My husband was terrified for me, but fortunately all I got was a shower of gravel from off the roof. The wind took the roof right off our building!! We had no power for over a week, and spend most of that time at our in-laws four blocks away. (which wasn't touched!) Our street was blocked at both ends by fallen trees and downed power lines, and so we had to walk back and forth through them - pretty scary. And the Weather Bureau referred to it as a "Category 0" storm!! After that I became much more aware of "being prepared" - I now have an emergency kit prepared; both at home and in the car - with water, batteries, AND cash, etc, but I hope I don't have to use it soon!

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