Emergency Preparedness Week Video 2022


I’m Bill Blair, Canada’s first Minister of Emergency Preparedness.

Over the past year, Canadians have witnessed historic floods, wildfires, storms and other disasters.

We’ve seen the tragic impact on lives and communities, and billions of dollars in damages.

Climate change means that these events will be more frequent and more intense, right across Canada.

And over the last two years, we’ve had to deal with a global pandemic and all the challenges that entails.

The most important message I can give is that we need to prepare ourselves AND our loved ones.

Emergency Preparedness week happens the first week of May this year.

It’s an annual reminder to be prepared for any emergency situation.

This year, the theme is Be Ready for Anything.

Canadians can take action in a number of ways.

You can assemble an emergency kit with basic items around your household.

Preparing for floods can start with simply clearing debris from eavestroughs and gutters.

Creating a family emergency plan online takes only twenty minutes.

You can visit getprepared.ca for more information about resources and you’ll find that getting prepared is easier than you think.

If you show us how you’re getting prepared on Facebook or Twitter this week using hashtag Ready for Anything, you could win an emergency kit.

And let’s take the time this week to thank all our first responders and emergency management professionals.

They are true heroes who are there for us when disaster strikes.

Remember, it takes all of us to be Ready for Anything.

Let’s get prepared together.

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